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This kit is compatable with 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty F250-F550 Trucks.


This wireless system allows the user to use Visionworks high quality cameras with your existing tailgate camera and in-dash monitor. Basically, the user can use a remote, inside their cab, to switch from their manufacture tailgate camera to a Visionworks camera at the back of their trailer or preferred location for road travel and back up safety. This system is extremely convenient for users who don't want to manually switch between two cameras and keep both their tailgate camera and RV/Trailer camera on one monitor. Our digital wireless transmitters can transmit an interference free signal up to 400 ft. with a clear line of sight. The cameras are equipped with 800 TVL resolution and an IP68 rating, which sets our cameras apart in the industry. This unique to the industry package is the perfect way to monitor two blind spots on your RV/Trailer.

MACH2 Kit | 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty F250-F550 Trucks [VWMACH2-FSD-11]

  • VWMACH2-FSD-11

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